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Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt consists of cover rubber, carcass and skim coated rubber.

  • Cover Rubber

Cover rubber which is made mainly with natural rubber or synthetic rubber, has an object to protect the carcass. It’s also designed specifically suitable for certain conditions requiring abrasion resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, anti-static and flame resistance, etc.

  • Carcass

Carcass has an object to keep the tensile strength of the belt and support the transport materials. The steel cord, nylon, polyester, cotton and special aramid are commonly used as the carcass.

  • Skim Coated Rubber

Adhesive rubber keeps the adhesive strength between all layers of carcass against the repeated bending and absorbs external shocks and protects the belt against moisture.

  • Breaker Fabric

Breaker fabric plays a role to protect the carcass by minimizing the external shocks and impact when the transport materials are too big or the falling condition is poor or when the cover rubber requires the tear resistance.