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Dust Free

  • Features
  • Continuous restrain of water penetration
  • Dust Free Belt is designed to resist tear and impact, which helps to keep the belt surface maintained smooth and clean, so it’s easy to control the pollution and remove the pollutants.
  • Keeping the surface clean
  • Dust Free Belt can restrain the pollution by water more effectively by minimizing the use of inorganic compound and using the compound with low water immersion.
  • Anti-Static(Max. 300㏁) Design
  • Dust Free Belt is designed for anti-static, so it minimizes the adhesion of dust due to static electricity and improves the dust removal by scraper.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • The life span of Dust Free Belt is extended thanks to the improvement of abrasion resistance up to 100% compared with the ordinary conveyor belt and more than 30% compared with normal abrasion resistance belt.
  • Comparison between Normal and Dust Free Conveyor Belt
  • Effect of using Dust Free Conveyor Belt
Type of belt Limstone
(Water absorption 5%)
Powered Coal
(Water absorption 0~15%)
Casting Sand
(Water absorption 7%)
Normal 100% 100% 100%
Dust Free 50% 90% 80%

※ Comparison of residual contamination rate when using belt cleaner