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Defense Business

We are taking the lead in defense business on the basis of top quality for the future rubber industry.

Ever since entering the defense business in 2006, TR Beltrack has played various roles to reinforce Korean Army’s combat power and takes part in achieving the nation’s self-defense capabilities with the best technical skills in rubber industry.

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  • BV206(K532/533/534) is the multi-purpose tactical vehicle which KIA Motors started license production in 1994 and currently, Korean Army is operating quite a number of BV206s in Korea. In 2008, TR Beltrack succeeded in localizing this BV206 rubber track and has produced it ever since then.
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  • SKID is playing a role to absorb a shock when handling, storing and delivering the missiles before they are installed in the launch pad and it has distinguished features such as heat-resistance, weather resistance, durability at a low temperature, ozone resistance, electric conductivity, etc.
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  • Sleeve is a rubber product used to project propellant and combustion tube inside the projectile, so it has a strong resistance to high temperature and flame.
  • With the excellent durability and modulus, sleeves play a significant role to have the missile reach its target point safely.
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    Seal, O-Ring
  • Seal and O-Ring are the components used in submarine or naval vessels to seal up gases or liquid. They can be used semi-permanently thanks to the excellent weather resistance.