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Oil / Abrasion Resistant

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    Oil Resistant

Oil Resistant Belt is designed to prevent the cover rubber from being swelling when transporting the materials containing oil, so it’s used to convey the materials contaminated by oil.

Volume Change((%) Standard
ASTM No.1 Oil – 9.6 IS1891(1998)
(27℃, 3days, Max. 75%)
ASTM No.2 Oil 0.6
ASTM No.3 Oil 17.6
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    Abrasion Resistant

Abrasion Resistant Belt is made of a special compound resistant to abrasion, so its life span is longer than the ordinary conveyor belt. It’s usually used to transport materials of which specific gravity is great such as limestone.

 TRB Type Abrasion Loss(㎣) Standard
A-70 Max. 70 AS & DIN
A-100 Max. 90
A-120 Max. 120